Xerox Parc

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Xerox Parc's logo during the time it was still owned by Xerox

Xerox Parc

Industry:  R&D  |  Founded:  1970  |  Headquaters:  Palo Alto, California  |  Parent:  Xerox  |  website:


This video is produced by The Drisk.  He is on a mission to produce videos documenting the history video games.  My goal is to source  video content about video game history, and to catalog them with links to related videos by others on the internet.  Below this video are links to related videos and other content.

In this video he mentions:

A.S. Douglas who used the EDSAC to create OXO.

William Higinbotham, the creator of Tennis for Two.

DEC PDP-1, the cumputer used by  Steve Russell, to create  Spacewar!

Ralph Baer Patents Video Games # 3,659,285

Nolan Bushnell creates  Computer Space.

Magnavox OdysseyAtari, Inc,   Pong are introduced in this video.


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This is the original Atari Pong cabinet.

Developer:  Atari  |  Publisher:  Atari  |  Series:  Pong  |  Platform:  Arcade  |  Release Date:  1972  |  Genre:  Action>General  |  Cabinet:  Upright  |  CPU:  Discrete  |  Sound:  Mono  |  Display:  Vertical, Raster  |


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The Famous Atari Logo

Company:  Atari  Founded:  June 28th 1972  |  Headquaters:  New York City, New York, USALyon, France

Magnavox Odyssey

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Magnavox Odyssey - The first video game console to come to market

Magnavox Odyssey  |  Manufacture:  Magnavox  |  Designer:  Ralph Baer  |  Release Date:  1972  Discountinued:  1975  |  Units Sold:  330,000  |  Media:  Cartridge  |  CPU:  none  |  Controller Input:  two paddles  |  Successor:  Magnavox Odyssey2  | Launch Price:  US$100  |

Arcade Flyer for Computer Space

Computer Space

Developer: Nutting Associates  |  Publisher:  Nutting Associates  |  Designer:  Nolan Bushnell, Ted Dabney  |  Platform:  Arcade  |  Date: November 1971  |  Genre:Action>Shooter>Scrolling  |  Modes:  Single Player or 2 Player  |  Cabinet:  Original  |  Display:  Horizontal, Raster

Nolan Bushnell

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Nolan Bushnell - The creator of Atari

Nolan Bushnell

Born:  February 4, 1943 (1943-02-04)  Clearfield, Utah  |  Citizenship:  United States  |  Fields:   Electrical Engineering,entrepreneur  |  Alma materUniversity of Utah  |  Known for Atari  |  Twitter@nolanbushell

Ralph Baer Patents Video Game

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In 1966 Ralph Baer attempts to patent Video Games.  Obviously that did not work.  Click here to view the original patent claim.

Ralph Baer

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Ralph Baer, the creator of the Magnovox Oddysy

Ralph Baer

Born:  March 8, 1922 (1922-03-08) (age 89)  Rodalben, Rhineland-Palatinate, Southern Germany  |  Occupation:  Inventor  |  Known forMagnovox Oddyssy

Steve Russell

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Steve Russell - The creator of Spacewar!

Steve Russell

Born:  1937  |  ResidenceUnited States  |  Fields:  Computer Scince  |  Alma materDarmoth College  |  Known for Spacewar! and Lisp